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Weaving the weeks away...

It's almost Memorial Day weekend. Typically at this time of the year we are celebrating with neighbors at a big yard party, complete with burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings and tables full of side dishes, desserts and adult beverages. This year will be a little different, as we continue to keep our distance from those not in our immediate family unit.

So far, we've had to cancel a cruise in March, a 10 day trip to Florida (we should be there RIGHT NOW!) and a trip to Maine to celebrate our granddaughter's birthday and graduation. As disappointed as we were about all these cancellations, we are safe and healthy and that's what is most important.

I don't know when the next round of arts & crafts shows will begin - but I will be so ready! I have been weaving away while watching lots of new (to me) shows streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV+.

The month of April meant I had no more excuses left to clean and organize my upstairs bonus room/craft space. It took a while, but everything is so neat now, with boxes and labels and baskets, a new clamp-on bright light on my craft table and plenty of room to create!

I've made more baskets using my photographs, and am enjoying the melding of my ability to coil pine needles, with my photos. They create baskets that are uniquely mine.

This past week was a "milestone" birthday for my husband, which we celebrated quietly at home. He was so relieved of the restrictions in place, because otherwise, I would have planned a massive surprise party (which he claims to hate, but I think he secretly loves!)

Enjoy some of the recent additions to my inventory..

Please everyone stay safe and healthy

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1 Comment

Nancy London
May 21, 2020

Like your blog, Love the baskets! Waiting in car for first hair appointment in 9 weeks hope everyone is wearing their 😷 mask!

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