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It's Holiday Time!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all getting ready for the busy holiday season. Before you know it, it will be a New Year! 2022 is less than two months away.

As restrictions open up, the craft shows are opening up as well. I just finished participating in a two day show in Greenville, SC and have at least three more shows locally before year's end.

Artisanville in Greenville, was the first show I've done that required us to drive and stay overnight. Was it worth it? It certainly was! Greenville, SC is a little over four hours from our home, so we stayed in a lovely little hotel very close to the Convention Center, where the show took place. We were able to set up on Friday and DRIVE our vehicle through the loading dock doors right into the building. Had we known how close we could park to our booth space, we wouldn't have bothered dragging (and stuffing!) our dolly into the SUV, since we never actually used it to set up or break down.

Our little adventure on Friday as we headed to Greenville, was unexpected. We left our house early enough to arrive at noon, set up EVERYTHING in our booth, so we could check into our hotel and relax before the two day show began. Unfortunately, a flat tire in Columbia on the highway, delayed us a few hours. AAA was called and arrived within 15 minutes (!!), but the tire was too split to be patched. Fortunately we have a "donut" spare in the vehicle that would get us to the tire store only a few miles away. The kicker? We had to empty out the entire car to access the spare. Just picture us in Irmo, SC on a side road, in a Sunoco parking lot in 45 degree weather and winds whipping. All our tables, tubs, grids, dolly, tablecovers, chairs are spread out in the lot next to the car. Once the donut was on tight, we had to REPACK the car - but now had to somehow fit the busted tire on the rim ALSO into the mix. With the help of our AAA service guy, we somehow managed to get it all in, although it left little room to see out back! At least we didn't get into an accident, it wasn't raining, and we still made it to the Greenville Convention Center in time to set up all the tables and grids.

The show was AMAZING!! It was only the second year that Artisanville was held, and it was well advertised and well supported. All Saturday and most of Sunday it was a steady stream of customers. I was so fortunate to be located near some awesome friendly vendors AND meet some awesome friendly visitors to my booth. If you were one of my visitors last weekend - THANK YOU for supporting me and for being so kind and friendly. I hope to return next year!!

I am now getting ready for a local show this Saturday the 13th at Trinity Presbyterian Church on Glenns Bay Road in Surfside Beach from 9AM-3PM. Then I have a little break and will be at the Holiday Show in Mt Pleasant, SC on December 11th, returning to Surfside Beach on December 18th in the park next to the Surfside Library. I will be all bundled up under my red tent from 3-8PM, coinciding with the Surfside Golf Cart Holiday Parade.

If you attend any of the upcoming shows, please stop by and say "hello"! If I don't see you, have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and Happy and Healthy 2022.

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1 comentario

Bill Barber
10 nov 2021

Always an adventure! Glad you came through safely and still had a good show!

Me gusta
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