• Sandi B

I found a TREASURE TROVE of Pine Needles!

In anticipation of several upcoming craft shows over the next couple of months, I found myself in short supply of long leaf pine needles. It was important to develop a good inventory of baskets and holiday ornaments, because I am participating in 7 full days of shows between now and December 7th. Here is just a small section of the long row of long leaf pine needle trees that I discovered, parallel to 17 Bypass in Surfside Beach. Most of these needles are up to almost 22 inches long! While they may not be as thick as the ones I find on the 9th hole at Blackmoor, they are SO LONG, that I find I can complete 6 or 7 stitches before I have to feed new needles into my basket. I like using the green needles just as much as the brown or gold ones. After I soak them clean and then dry them, they turn a beautiful sage color. Right now I have an inventory of almost 80 baskets, and am hoping to add at least 20 more before the shows begin. Wish me luck!

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