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Busy during Self Isolation

Is it already the end of April? My husband and I have been in the house since March 14th. That's A LOT of together time! Except for weekly trips to the grocery store, with mask in hand (and on face) , and Ken's trips to recycle, our adventures are restricted to the back porch, the patio and yard, and for me, occasional early morning walks alone in the neighborhood. I did venture out early one morning this past week, to gather more pine needles, as my supply was starting to run low.

While our monthly going out to eat budget is ZERO, our weekly grocery bill is more than making up for it. This six week isolation has spawned many new recipes and experiments for dinner. I don't think I've ever cooked quite this much ever. I've been preparing dinner just about every night, with a few "leftover nights' sandwiched in between. I was desperate to find new recipes for everything in the freezer, just for a change from the recipes I make all the time. Discovered some yummy ham and chicken casseroles, as well as a really delicious pork tenderloin recipe. However, I feel I may have gone a little extreme, when I found myself looking up a recipe using hot dogs!! (it was a hot dog, chili cheese casserole that I would NOT recommend!)

My broken wrist has healed nicely and I am back to coiling baskets. Because of the virus and the restrictions here in South Carolina, the five shows in which I was participating this Spring, were all cancelled. Hopefully there won't be a resurgence this Fall. By the time the Fall and Holiday shows roll around, I should have a HUGE inventory of baskets.

I have also made some custom baskets. I received three requests this past month and did get those sent out. Still waiting on two more to deliver. I decided to print out some of my photographs and adhere them on wood bases, for future baskets. The image you see here will be my next nine baskets made!

Here's hoping you are all staying safe and healthy and practicing your social distancing. This too shall pass - quickly, I hope!

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