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I'll call this month..."Creative June"!

It's the middle of June, and I am trying to be creative this month. I took a short break from baskets, to do something a little different. My friend Leslie's artwork, beautiful home decor painted pieces on palm pods, inspired me to try something new. I asked some friends here in my neighborhood, if they had the palm plants (that I have discovered are called Queen Palms) that generated the palm pods I needed. My friend Karen said her next door neighbor had some that I was welcome to come and cut off the plant. So, with saw in hand and Ken for help, I was able to take a few pods to practice on.

The first one I started working on got scrubbed and cleaned. I applied a light polyurethane spray to seal and protect it. The pod is very sturdy - almost like a piece of wood with a beautiful grain. I was happy with the final results. With some moss and artificial succulents to "dress it up" it was made into a decorative planter for indoors or on a covered porch. At the next craft show, I'll see if they are popular enough with the customers!

They are each pretty substantial in 25 to 28 inches in length. Someone mentioned I should try some air plants rather than the artificial succulents. I may do that for the next one.

That may be all the creative juices I have for June. It was fun to try something new and different!

Until next month, please everyone be well and stay safe!

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